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Cyber City

Open-world Stealth Action

What is it?

A first-person shooter, an upgrade system, and a huge, open city to explore.

What's the backstory?

I began CyberCity during DAGD's Spring Break Jam in March 2019. Level design students from DAGD 300 created a premise, setting, and backstory for the game. Students then collaborated to build 1 large map, many contributing Blueprints and art content to the project. In Fall of 2020, DAGD 300 students started with the project and designed their own city maps. Meanwhile, students from DAGD 310 designed user interfaces for the game. In Spring 2021, students in DAGD 260 started created branding and marketing materials for the game.

What did I contribute?

I developed this project to create an "open-world" setting for my level design students. Student teams were assigned regions within the city. Each team had to create lore for their section of the city and then they had to build it. Throughout the stages of development, many students contributed art, prefabs, user interface elements, and other assets.

Who has worked on the project?

DAGD 300 x2, DAGD 310, DAGD 260