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Projects I've worked on

I am updating this daily as I go through my archives, but it's taking a while to retroactively document my work.

This page isn't necessarily a portfolio, but I needed some way to keep track of it all. Honestly most of these are personal projects, game jams, or projects I've developed alongside students and colleagues.

Note that most of these projects have links to itch, but most builds on Itch are way out of date.

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Snowdrift MountainOpen-world snowboarding
Procedural TerrainExperiment in C++
CloyThird-Person Shooter
Cyber CityOpen-world Stealth Action
Animated Boss BattlesProcedural Animation Project
OutbreakTwin-stick Shooter Collection
Slipstream JumperProcedural Platformer Collection
Animated SentriesProcedural Animation Project
Animated OrreriesProcedural Animation Project
ShipmunkTwin-stick Shooter
Edge of MadnessProcedural Roguelike Platformer
Ruins of the Sky FortressA first-person adventure game
Loopy TowersProgrammable Tower Defense
Cast Away: Lost SandsAction, Exploration, and Sand Worms
Blood FuelPost-apocalyptic Vehicle Combat
GRVRVisit GR in the past!
Open SourceProgrammable Platformer
Legend of the Tomes: 52 Fix-UpTwin-stick Shooter
Escape VREscape Room in VR
Voxel OceanProcedurally Generated Coral Reef
Journey of the FirefliesControl a Swarm of Fireflies
Parallax2Innovative Platformer
Project Beanbagdesert exploration
Let's GoGo 
Dome 360UE4 Tool for 360 Projection
King KittyThird-Person Adventure Combat
Mushroom CityExplore a giant tree
Tree of Life2.5D Platformer
Tree of Life (Text Adventure)Text-based Adventure Game
Tai Chi VRA Tai Chi training experience
Branch Branch RevolutionInfinite Runnner
DAGD ArcadeCustom Arcade Cabinet for DAGD
ChartizardVPL tool
2015 Pinball JamFrag Fest Jam in UE4
Sky An adventure game
Miyamoto BoxGates and Gameplay
C.H.U.M. 2The shark attacks again!
Fanny Pack Adventure DungeonProcedural Dungeon Exploration
C.H.U.M.Shark Jam!
NebulaMatch-three Sci-Fi RPG
Evile, Inc.Reverse-Shmup
Banana BoyShooting & Platforming
Northern BendInteractive Museum Exhibit
ParallaxA 2D platformer with 3D spaces
Console RoguelikeA roguelike made for the console!
MAL-001Portal Map
HL2GMGA custom map for HL2:DM
MachinaA physics-based platformer
Dance Dance Evolution 2A rhythm-based dancing game
Pro ClimberExtreme Sports Simulator!
Halo!A game about Halo