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Tree of Life

2.5D Platformer

What is it?

A 2D platformer that follows arbitrary 3D paths

What's the backstory?

May 2017

I designed a setting, premise, and story for a text-based adventure game called Tree of Life.

Fall 2017

For my DAGD 355 course, we decided to make a platformer within the same world as the adventure game. Each student was required to program a few gameplay features and then to design and blockout their own level.

Fall 2019

My DAGD 355 class used this project for a different assignment -- each student had to program a simple boss battle using state machines.

What did I contribute?

I built the 2.5D path system:

  • Path nodes - A linked list of GameObjects which creates 2D ribbons that weave through 3D space. During gameplay, the player is aligned with and projected onto the path.
  • Dynamic camera system - Each node in the path also stores several camera settings. During gameplay, the player's position is used to interpolate between camera orientations.
  • "TrackSwitcher" volume - Areas where the player can smoothly transition from one ribbon to another. These allow the level designers to create forking paths.
  • Editor tools - Tools for visualizing and editing the path nodes and their camera settings.

Who has worked on the project?

Students from DAGD 355 and myself