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Twin-stick Shooter

What is it?

A twin-stick shooter starring a space-faring chipmunk.

What's the backstory?

My son originally pitched me this concept for a game jam back in 2017. In Jan 2021, I promised him we'd do a game jam together, and we dedicated it to making Shipmunk. He did an incredible amount of artwork, and I've only managed to get a tiny portion of it into the game. We plan to return to this soon.

What did I contribute?

I spent most of the development time trying to create an attack system like Hades. The system is a success, but the overall gameplay is quite dull right now. Unfortunately I thought switching to the HDRP would speed things up, but it created several problems and wasted hours of time.

Who has worked on the project?

Ethan Pattison, Sam, a few DAGD students, and myself