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Ruins of the Sky Fortress

A first-person adventure game

What is it?

Explore a jungle archipelago pirate villages and ancient ruins. Magic relics connect the islands and unlock incredible powers.

What's the backstory?

March 2020

Students in DAGD 300 created the premise, setting, and backstory of ROTSF. Each student designs a level floorplan and journey map.

April 2020

I worked with students to build the game's mechanics and import student-made assets. Then, students had 1 week to build their levels using the asset kit we built.

October 2020

A new batch of DAGD 300 students designed and built levels using the same assets and mechanics. This group created stand-alone levels as a design exercise, and did NOT use the game's original premise or lore.

What did I contribute?

On this project, I mostly focused on creating a blueprint-based asset kit. The blueprints I worked on include:

  • the player
  • climbable ropes
  • grabbable physics objects
  • falling platforms
  • procedural water (pre-4.26)
  • a warp gate system that connects the islands
  • and several blueprints that can link together to create puzzles:
    • lockable doors
    • weight-triggered buttons
    • sliding doors/platforms
    • levers
    • cranks
    • elevators

Some blueprints (cranks, ropes, levers) can also be flagged as "broken," which requires the player to go find a specific item to fix it. On this project I explored procedural generation (e.g. ropes, doors, and elevators) and data-driven design (using DataTables to track meta data about the students' levels).

Who has worked on the project?

Myself and two sections of DAGD 300