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Third-Person Shooter

What is it?

A third-person shooter designed by high school students from KCTC.

What's the backstory?

Fall 2020

High school students at KCTC began designing this project, guided by their teacher Marc Petz.

March 2021

I developed a rapid prototype for the game based on the KCTC team's design documents.

May 2021

The KCTC students sent me their meshes. I imported the meshes, fixing as many issues as I could along the way.

What did I contribute?

To get to an MVP quickly, I prioritized fleshing out the structure of the game, making sure the player could move seamlessly between all scenes (main menu, a base camp, 6 combat levels, and a final boss level).

So early on I focused on building a "loading screen" that could animate in over the current scene before streaming in the next level. This required the use of sub-levels, which in-turn affected how the nav-mesh and other features would have to work.

I built the placeholder (but functioning!) widget blueprints and corresponding code: main menu, loading screen, credits, pause menu, and in-game hud.

I was the content pipeline. Students sent me all of their assets at once, and I imported everything into the engine. Using these assets I built the animation blueprints, materials, and other blueprints. I also used their content to quickly block-out the levels.

Though we ended up using level streaming, a lot of persistent data (e.g. number of diamonds) is stored in a custom GameInstance class.

I did the gameplay programming, though it is quite simple: a weapon system, the avatar movement, and the AI. I also created the blueprints for swapping weapons and teleporting between levels.

Who has worked on the project?

Ryan Lowery, Zackary Crocker, Marc Petz, KCTC students, and myself.