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2015 Pinball Jam

Frag Fest Jam in UE4

What is it?

A collection of pinball tables by DAGD students.

What's the backstory?

Jacob and I built a life-size "pinball table" out of a large, flat-screen monitor, some lumber, a few plastic buttons, and UE4. We produced a UE4 template for Frag Fest, and we shared the template with the student teams. When the game jam was finished, we were able to play each team's table with our custom setup.

The hardware and software we built for the jam went on to be re-used to create more pinball projects in future semesters.

What did I contribute?

I created the UE4 template with simple classes for flippers, bumpers, and the plunger. I also handled communication between our custom buttons and UE4's input mapping.

Who has worked on the project?

Myself, Jake Pollak, and DAGD students