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Match-three Sci-Fi RPG

What is it?

An RPG / Match-3. It's like Puzzle Quest, but in space. Also the board is hexagonal.

What's the backstory?


I built the first prototype in Objective-C with XCode and published it onto my iPhone.


I built prototypes in XNA, though this was done as a teaching demo (it's called "Bejeweled" in the screenshot).


I began a more-serious re-envisioning of the game, building a prototype in the Loom engine.

What did I contribute?

I've written game design docs. I've developed multiple versions of the game, each time focusing on animation, ease of use, and the match-recognition algorithms. In some prototypes, the player could turn their phone in order to control the direction the gems fell.

Who has worked on the project?

Nick Pattison