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Portal Map

What is it?

Can you solve the puzzles and make it out?

What's the backstory?

October 2007

Portal was released, and I discovered there were very few sources for community mods. So I developed a website, myApertureLabs.com, to fill this niche. For about 5 years, we were the largest Portal community on the internet with over 5000 members sharing hundreds of fan-made maps.

Summer 2009

We held a map-making competition, and over the course of a few months I developed an intricately-designed level called mal001.

What did I contribute?

The level contains 2 fairly complicated puzzles with several moving pieces. So I first designed the puzzles on paper, and then again in 3Ds Max. After designing the spaces, I built out the gameplay in the Source engine with the Hammer editor.

Who has worked on the project?

Nick Pattison - special thanks to the myApertureLabs community!