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A game about Halo

What is it?

A simple game prototype with lots of features:

  • Fast "3D" gameplay
  • 2 weapons: pistol and SMG
  • Throwable sticky grenade (activate with E)
  • Enemies
  • Thermal vision (activate with Q)
  • Level goal and ending cutscene

What's the backstory?

I made this project as I was learning Macromedia Flash (before it was Adobe Flash) in 2003.

What did I contribute?

  • I created a simple environment in 3Ds Max and rendered a 360-degree panorama to create the game's background.
  • I illustrated and animated the characters and the GUI in Adobe Flash.
  • I programmed the gameplay in ActionScript.
  • I also edited and imported sound effects.

Who has worked on the project?