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Escape VR

Escape Room in VR

What is it?

Use your ability to shrink down and grow large to help you solve puzzles and escape the room!

What's the backstory?

This game was developed as part of a Summer VR game jam. For the jam, we partnered with Turris VR to develop games that used their custom hardware. As a result, the current build is private.

The actual jam lasted 5 days, 3 of which were eaten up just trying to get the hardware to function properly -- both the VR headset and Turris's custom hardware. So the final game represents about 2 days of work.

What did I contribute?

  • I programmed the game. The trickiest mechanic was of course the growing and shrinking, which had to be seamless, animated, and also preserve physics in the scene.
  • I designed the environment (Sir Arthur Williams' Private Library / Study).

Who has worked on the project?

Turris VR supplied some of their custom hardware to work with. Dominic Modderman built the environment, and I programmed the game mechanics.