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Dome 360

UE4 Tool for 360 Projection

What is it?

A simple Blueprint that outputs environments to equirectangular and dome-projection. The actor works in real-time, but it can be setup to export image sequences.

What's the backstory?

Jacob Pollak worked with the Grand Rapids Public Museum to dream up several innovative projects that we at Ferris could develop. Over a span of a few years, we had multiple opportunities to create content for the GRPM's sophisticated planetarium system.

What did I contribute?

Fall 2015

I developed planetarium-projection prototypes and then oversaw technical aspects of our content pipeline. I helped students prepare 3Ds Max and UE4 rigs for rendering scenes to texture-cubes, and I wrote tools to process texture-cubes to half-dome projection. That semester I helped produce and edit the content.

Spring 2018

I developed Dome360, a simple UE4 project for capturing and optionally exporting 360 or dome-projected content. The Dome360 project has been used to develop additional planetarium content.

Who has worked on the project?

Jake Pollak, Nick Pattison, and multiple semesters of DAGD 340 students worked to produce content for the GRPM's planetarium. The Dome360 repo was created by Nick Pattison.