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C.H.U.M. 2

The shark attacks again!

What is it?

A big-game reimagining of CHUM with: better graphics, controller gameplay, new abilities, cutscenes, size levels, bosses, full soundtrack, etc.

What's the backstory?

The first game proved to be enjoyable and simple, so it seemed like a controller-based sequel for consoles would be a no-brainer. So in the Spring and Summer of 2014 I pulled together a team to work on it.

Soon after development began, Microsoft canceled support for XNA, and it looked like the project did not have a future.

What did I contribute?

  • I ported the base game from Processing (Java) to C#.
  • I implemented spring physics to make the water surface dynamically ripple.
  • I created a water shader to add light shafts and plankton particles
  • I added new player abilities (e.g. grabbing onto enemies and thrashing about) and I remapped input for controllers
  • I began programming new enemies, including a boss.

Outside of development, I also created a game design document for this project, planning out six levels, each with unique goals, enemies, and bosses. There was an exciting story and fun new mechanics planned. As producer / designer I created:

  • Design docs
  • Journey maps
  • Script
  • Schedule
  • Asset lists
  • Some art

Who has worked on the project?

Nick Pattison, Ben Burnes, and Shayna Moon