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Blood Fuel

Post-apocalyptic Vehicle Combat

What is it?

Out-run the storms and blow up bandits in this fast-paced, endless driver. Conserve your fuel or use it to destroy your enemies.

What's the backstory?

Nov 2018

Blood Fuel was originally developed for Ludum Dare 43. The theme of the original game jam was "Sacrifices Must Be Made". The goal was to make a game like Race the Sun but re-themed to be like Mad Max.

Summer 2019

I update the game, rewriting the car logic and procedural generation code.

Fall 2019

Since the tracks are procedurally generated, sections of the world were divided up and given to DAGD 355 students to develop.

What did I contribute?

  • For procedural generation, random track pieces are selected and attached one after the other. Sometimes tracks are flipped, or otherwise randomized to create lots of variety.
  • When rewriting the car/driver logic, I created Controller and Driver classes inspired by UE4's Controller and Pawn classes. After a lot of retooling, AI and player Controller classes are decoupled from the cars they drive and the weapons those cars wield.
  • The DriverAI system does a pretty great job keeping up with the player and avoiding obstacles: they speed up and slow down to reach the player and match the player's velocity; they use raycasting to make sharp turns and avoid obstacles; and they also prioritize driving towards special splines that the level designers can use to guide the AI through the level.
  • I've created a weapon system with throwable barrels and a missile barrage, and I'm current working on improving both weapons.
  • I've designed and scripted the game's user interfaces.

Who has worked on the project?

Students from DAGD 355 and myself