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Animated Boss Battles

Procedural Animation Project

What is it?

This is a class project in which I demonstrate how to rig characters in Unity and a few techniques to programming procedural animation. Then, students are challenged to animate other characters as well.

What's the backstory?

Students in DAGD 302 fork this project, following along with class demos, and then they must procedurally animate a boss and player of their choosing. I've run this project in Spring 2020 and Spring 2021 so far.

What did I contribute?

I taught the students how to:

  • how to build a useful animation-math library
  • how to develop rigging constraints and apply them to armatures
  • techniques for animating the constraints with code
  • techniques involving raycasting

Who has worked on the project?

Students from DAGD 345 (a Blender class I teach) supplied a handful of skeletal meshes; students from DAGD 302 rigged and programmed those skeletal meshes; and Kenton Reynolds provided additional character rigs for teaching purposes.