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Project KCTC

Third-Person Shooter

What is it?

A third-person shooter game.

What's the backstory?

This project was designed by students at KCTC in Fall 2020. In Spring of 2021, Ferris students and faculty began developing the game alongside the KCTC students..

What did I contribute?

I began this project by focusing on the level streaming, and a loading screen between levels. The player can seamlessly warp from the main menu, to the base area, to the final boss, and back to the base area. All transitions show the loading bar and fade in and out. I also learned how level streaming affects other features, like the nav mesh. I learned that if you don't specify an owner on newly spawned actors they won't be destroyed when a level is unloaded.

Who has worked on the project?

Ryan Lowery, Zackary Crocker, Marc Petz, KCTC